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Lincoln Center for Independent Learning

If you would like an application, click on this link and email us with the name of the student, parents' names, phone number and address.

Welcome to our web site!

The Lincoln Center for Independent Learning is a non-profit organization that embraces the idea that children learn and expand their imaginations in a variety of ways and environments. We encourage innovative approaches that recognize each child's individual learning style and needs. The Center's goal is to help build a community that explores and celebrates the many ways children can gain an education.

The School
The first project this Center is undertaking is a school for students ages 12 and up. It is unique in many ways. The students meet three days a week, Monday and Wednesday from 9:30 to 2:00 and Friday from 9:30 to 12:00. On these days one teacher mentors the entire group, similar to the one-room schoolhouses of the past.

This year (2005-2006) we are studying the following topics: World Cultures, Oceanography, Math, American Government, World Religions, Theater and Film, Creative Writing, Vocabulary, Literature and Foreign Language. There is a variety of teaching techniques we are using. Some courses are taught through lectures (such as World Cultures and Oceanography). Some are completely at the student's pace (such as Math and Creative Writing). A video course is used (American Government) and teacher-led class discussions are held (World Religion and Literature). The students choose their own projects at the difficulty level that best fits their abilities. They fill out weekly goal sheets with their parents and these will reflect the student's progress and commitment level.

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The Power-Glide company has donated their materials and resources to create the Center's Foreign Language classes. It is a cutting edge program with all the latest information and instruction their award-winning company has to offer.

On Friday mornings the students get together for large projects. One Friday a month is devoted to humanitarian service. The students don't meet at the building, but go to the senior center, food bank, Boys and Girls club, etc. at some point in the day and dedicate two hours of service toward the group of their choice. On other Fridays there are parties based on the countries of study, presentation of projects, large hands-on activities, field trips, etc. The older students can spend a set number of Fridays volunteering and studying with a mentor in the profession of their choice. Friday afternoons are spent at home, where students can complete their schoolwork, if necessary.
Tuesdays and Thursdays the students work at home, completing the readings and project goals they have set for themselves. We believe the home is the ideal place for concentrated study and exploration.