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Lincoln Center for Independent Learning

The Students

At the Lincoln Center Academy we want to encourage students to become curious, thoughtful, global-thinking adults. We believe our academy will give them the skills to accomplish great things. We look forward to our first year of growth and exploration and welcome interested students to join us in our adventure. The process for student selection starts with an email from this site (see the contact us section). We will email you an application that needs to be filled out by both the parents and the student. The student needs to include an essay about why he/she wants to go to this school. Because of the nature of this academy, we must have students who are motivated and able to work on their own. Children with a history of behavior problems will not be able to function in a school of this type and size. After completing the application, it will need to be emailed back and then an interview will be scheduled with the parents and student. Following the interview a decision will be made.

Projected Academy Costs

At the Lincoln Center Academy the teacher is paid as much as possible, with just a very small amount of tuition going towards the Lincoln Center. This is how the fees for each student are distributed:
$18.50 per week to the teacher
$1.50 per week to the Lincoln Center for Independent Learning
$5.00 per week for building expenses
TOTAL: $25.00 per week
The one time yearly costs are:
Approximately $160.00 for textbooks (siblings can share most books)
$40.00 per semester for supplies
$10.00 per year for enrollment in the Boys and Girls Club