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Lincoln Center for Independent Learning
Calendar of Events

Here we will list upcoming activities. We'll update this page frequently, so it's a good idea to check back often.

October 2005

October 21, Friday, at 12:00pm - Parents Meeting at the Boys and Girls Club  This is a meeting to go over upcoming events and issues that we need to discuss as a group. Small children are welcome to come and play in the gym.

Humanitarian Service Day October 7
Camille's Birthday
Oceanography Project Due October 14
Trip to Cedar City Shakespeare Festival October 18
Hinduism Project Due October 19
UEA October 21, No School
Play Performance for "Hamlet Unplugged" October 28
Shakespeare Projects Due October 28
Janism Project Due October 28
English Project Due October 28
Angela's Birthday October 29
Oragami Party(Christmas Tree Service Project)Oct. 31
Humanitarian Service Day November 4
Field Trip, Water Conservation Plant November 11
New Afternoon Classes Begin(film & guest teacher) November 14
Christmas Tree Set Up (after school)November 14
South Asia Celebration & Presentations November 18
Thanksgiving Holiday November 23 & 25, No School
Humanitarian Service Day December 2
Presentations of Southeast Asia, Australia or Oceania Celebrations December 9
Christmas Holiday December 13-31, No School
Back to School January 4
Human Rights Day January 16, No School
President's Day February 20, No School
Spring Break April 5 & 7, No School
Last Day of School May 12

We encourage parent involvement in all school activities!