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Lincoln Center for Independent Learning

Our Inspiration

We have created this model of education by synthesizing a few of the many great examples of creative education in Utah Valley. The homeschool movement provides the foundation of the model. Many homeschooling parents have put together several groups that have been extrememly successful. We have also looked at the structure of the Free Schools, such as the Free School in Albany, New York. The writings of John Taylor Gatto, the brilliant education reformer, and Oliver DeMille, President of George Wythe College, have also been very influential. Many aspects of the school have been taken from the blueprint John Gatto created in desiging the ideal classroom and the curriculum has been enriched by Dr. DeMille's philosophy of using classic books in all subjects. Of course, the example of Abraham Lincoln has inspired us to name this center after him. Lincoln was able to get an outstanding education through many outlets other than traditional schooling. He pursued his interests and passions and became one our most beloved and respected Presidents. Another element we have included in our school is a global focus. We as teachers and students explore how all members of this world are inter-connected.

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